Sophie & Kelly

Hometown- Sophie: St. Louis, Missouri Kelly: Farmington, Utah

Married for 21 1/2 years

Sophie is a hospital based international board certified lactation counselor and Kelly is Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army where he works as an orthodontist and is currently teaching at the Lackland Air Force Base Post Graduate. Orthodontic Residency.

They met while working together in their college cafeteria. At first they were just friends.  Sophie would describe her dating woahs to Kelly and he would always tell her that she needed to dump all of the guys she was dating and date him instead. Eventually he talked her into going on a first date to go ballroom dancing with his parents. Sophie says Kelly has never been one to waste an opportunity. She met his parents while also meeting their life long friends at the same time. Meeting someones parents on a first date sounds like it could be a strange date, but for these two, nothing was strange about it at all. They danced in each others arms all night long. They were inseparable from that moment on and Sophie quickly realized that she couldn’t imagine living her life without him. They got engaged a couple months after that very first date and planned a wedding three months later, but had to postpone it a month due to a military training.

This couple has been through undergraduate school, dental school, orthodontic residency, and moving all over the world, but the toughest time they have had in their relationship would have to be when they had their third child. During that time they had to move from Colorado to Germany when their daughter was just six weeks old. While in Germany, on their daughters first birthday, Kelly decided to take matters into his own hands and made a decision to where they would no longer be able to have children. With everything going on (being so far away from family and friends, having an unpleasant work experience at that time, and living in a country where you can barely speak your own language), Kelly having this procedure done without speaking to Sophie first made the next few years of their relationship very difficult. Thankfully they were able to get through it.

The longest they have ever been apart was when Kelly deployed to Iraq for seven months and then immediately after a brief rest and relaxation that soldiers are granted after a deployment, Kelly was sent away for another four months for training. To keep busy and her mind off of Kelly being absent, Sophie went back to school earning her bachelors degree while taking care of the kids and keeping them busy with school and activities. 

The toughest thing about being married to someone in the military for these two is the fact that Kelly can’t talk about some of the frustrations he’s going through with work because its confidential. It has also become difficult to move their now five kids around the globe every few years.


This couples advice for maintaining a healthy relationship while being in the military, is flexibility. Work is often hard for someone in the military. If you’re too uptight and unbendable about military moves, policies, life on base etc. your marriage will break. Another key is to have as open of communication as possible. Talk to each other about your thoughts and feelings. Let the other know whats going on in your head. Set goals together, and do not let other people get in the way of your relationship with your significant other. Sophie and Kelly look forward to forty or more years of pure love and happiness!

Thank you Sophie and Kelly for sharing your story!! 🖤

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