Carmen & Raul

Hometown- California

Married for 10 years (known each other for 17 years)

Carmen is a stay at home mother who currently home schools their three children. Raul is in the United States Air force where he works for the Office of Special Investigations.

These high school sweethearts met in their Spanish class. Raul was more on the quiet side, while Carmen was loud and very outspoken… complete opposites, but the perfect match. 

During their second pregnancy, their relationship was tested. They began to forget about each other and began to focus more on their toddler and new baby girl. It got to the point where it felt like they were roommates more than lovers.

Carmen: We both knew if we didn’t try to help each other fall in love again our relationship wouldn’t have lasted. God played a big part in restoring our marriage from roommates to lovers again.

When it comes to deployments this couple has endured a total of four… on top of extended tours, countless temporary duty assignments and trainings. The longest they have ever been apart was a year, which seemed liked the longest year ever for the both of them.

Carmen: I keep busy during the times we are apart. Staying with family helps. I pray A LOT! God has truly always been my rock.

For this couple, the hardest thing about being in a military relationship is constantly being apart from each other. It’s especially hard to see how the distance affects the children.

Carmen: Seeing my babies cry because they miss their Daddy is really hard for me. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it, but there is so much support from family, our church, and friends. Everyone is willing to help. We just have to put ourselves out there and ask, which is also tough to do.

This couples advice for any relationship, is seeking God, forgiveness, selflessness, support and open communication. 

Carmen: And don’t forget to laugh a lot. Make every moment an adventure!

Thank you Carmen and Raul for sharing your story!!🖤

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